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is a site-specific, documentary play created in collaboration with Festival de Basis on the former flight-base of Soesterberg in The Netherlands.

With headphones on your head you pass by old munition depots that are now being used as a storage plae of the memory’s of Tim. Tim is a young veteran who served during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. You are being sucked into his world by a soundscape of music and fragments of conversations that Merel had with him. De actors take you from door to door. Some doors are opened to give you an insight in this particular memory and some doors stay closed.

concept/regie Merel Smitt spel Michiel Bakker, Samir Veen vormgeving i.s.m. Daina Kasperowitch coaching Liesbeth Coltof, Joost van Hezik, Dennis Meyer productie Yola Parie, Hester Wolters met speciale dank aan Tim Berkien, Veteraneninstituut Nederland

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