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Zusters onder de Bogen


In september 2012 Merel approached a convent in Maastricht, inhabited by nuns, to collaborate in exposing their world to a broader audience.

“I stayed with them, listened to their stories, watched them, experienced the convent life, lived in silence for days and eventually started to understand what it means to be in service of the world, to adjust your individual needs to what others need.”

The average age of the sisters is 85 years. Invisible for us, they move one, supported by their sisters overseas. For them silence is a given. They use it as a fuel for the work they do. In this installation Merel gives an insight in their world. There is a possibility to watch with their daily work patterns, pray with them or visit a silent room.

The installation was build in the renovated Lambertus Church in Maastricht. The audience can become a part of their world, make contact with them or just observe in silence. The installation represents the current environment they inhabit but also how the sisters use technology to expand this environment while others rather stay inside. Together they try to maintain their way of lives and remain what they have build over centuries.

concept en directing Merel Smitt performance the nuns of  zusters onder de bogen location Lambertuschurch in Maastricht coaching Carina Molier

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