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What Are You Waiting For?


What Are You Waiting For? is a collective user generated platform that digitally maps and archives the personal waiting experiences of everyone around the world.

Together with you we create a collection of waiting experiences as a statement to voice our moments of waiting and how these moments affect our daily lives. By creating this digital waiting space we can exchange our experiences anonymously and support each other through learning about the waiting situations of others.

By adding your waiting experience to this archive and reading those of others we hope to create a waiting community of our own and transform the space of waiting into a space of coming together to complain, protest, listen and learn. We want to turn the unconscious, isolated waiting experience into a conscious and collective one.

We want to raise the awareness that our personal waiting situations are often not something we can control and are created by the environments we live in and the lack of support from politics and governmental institutions. When it comes to waiting, the personal is political which is the reason why it’s so important to share our personal experiences.

All forms of waiting are welcome as long as it’s your own experience.

Thank you for sharing!


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