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Zo’n Vaart Zal Het Niet Lopen


A DIY campaign to reveal the fact that we are facing big political and societal developments that we do not take serious enough.

Welcome in the future where The Netherlands has gained the status of a development country based on political and social issues.

In this research we look at the tendency Dutch citizens have according to a dystopian future model. We see ourselves as tolerant but in the meantime, individuals are being crushed by bureaucracy, we are addicted to grow and progress and everyone who doesn’t not fit the norm will be punished.

For some this will never happen for others it is already reality.
How to take responsibility and how to not look away from what is happening?

We think it won’t come that far because we have the freedom to design our own way of life. To repeatedly say this to yourself, doesn’t make it true.

That is why we created this campaign.

For this project I collaborated together with graphic designers
check out the graphic design for this project: Zo’n Vaart Zal Het Niet Lopen, Poster campagne, Protest signs, Call for action


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