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The Hitchhiker

THE HITCHHIKER, was a part of Wa(l)king Copenhagen hosted by Københvn International Theatre during the summer of 2020.

As a part of a 12 hour walk that I did together with 7 other artists I hitchhiked my way through the city. I waited on a corner of the street until someone passed. I asked this person “may I join you on your walk?”. If they agreed I would walk with them until they dropped me off at another corner where I would wait for the next passer-by.

THE HITCHHIKER is a way to explore the city geographically and socially through hearing stories and experiences from the citizens by joining them on their everyday walk.



About Wa(l)king Copenhagen
100 ARTISTS, 100 WALKS, 100 DAYS

Metropolis has invited 100 artists living in Copenhagen to create 100 curated walks through the city over the next 100 days starting 1 May, a day of collective walking. This can be seen as a performative diary from a city where the corona virus sets the agenda and has radically changed our daily life. Each artist walks for 12 hours and starts at home. Every hour he/she gives a “sign of life” via live-streaming.


Eight international artists are invited to take part in a month-long Metropolis Residency programme. Some of the first visitors to be able to enter Copenhagen post-lockdown, they are collectively investigating what the future is made of, who makes rules about it, who creates future spaces around the city and who will be using them.

As they are mapping the fluidity and the flow of the city along both sides of the harbour, around 25 km, they are gathering objects, images, conversations, open wounds, creating sonic and performative actions – and taking them along as they walk to the future. From their own individual research interests in regeneration, housing, migrations, transformations, collective memory, endangered communities, transitions and in-betweens, twelve individual walks will culminate in a collective sharing moment on a raft, reflecting on personal discoveries made en route

Exploring the harbour from their eclectic backgrounds as something that connects and divides the city, they are looking at squatting communities, green areas, regeneration, sometimes momentarily hijacking spaces and questioning whether the future is floating and who will be part of it.

The artists: Natasha Davis, Diego Echegoyen, María Daniela Pascual Esparza, Ruggero Franceschini, Salomé Mooij, Merel Smitt, David Somló & Zelda Soussan.  


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