With How To Start A Movement Merel Smitt is offering a break from your everyday life.

How To Start A Movement is a series of interventions and actions in the public space to break the daily routine of our lives. Merel invites people she has yet to meet and preferably don’t know each other also to join her. The actions the group will engage in are very simple and can therefor be done by anyone.  Participation will lead to a feeling of empowerment through the ability to set something in motion together. 

We leave from the idea that we all know what we can and cannot do in the public space. How certain rules on social and personal level define our behaviour and the way we make contact with others. What happens if we change or break these rules? How do we make contact, how do we experience the space we are in, what is there to discover? 

I propose to see the public space as a playground, a place that belongs to all citizens. A place that is often dominated by restrictions and rules. Together we can question, disrupt and play with these rules. We can set something in motion and by doing so surprise ourselves and others.

Forced to leave their comfort zones by doing something they have never done before, the actions have an empowering effect on the participants. It is often that participants start reflecting on themselves, their relations towards the space or the people residing in that space. The space will never be the same again and often participants continue to re-enact the actions they came up with on their own.

The fact you are always doing this together with others creates a safe and trustworthy environment that allows you to put yourself at risk and start setting something in motion.

The actions that we invent together will be part of a “database of actions” so that each action can be passed on to the next person. We share the disruptions and create the movement together to create an exciting experience in the middle of our generic lives.

How To Start A Movement is Merel’s research project at DAS Theatre.

One of the interventions is a role playing game that Merel has designed to play in the public space.
During her second year in 2019/2020 she will specifically continue working on the format of creating games and scores that she can execute with a group of people in public space.