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How To Start A Movement (The Training)


are you someone who enjoys the unknown? someone who values the journey over its destination? someone who wants to experience something? someone who would like to be part of a gang, causing a little trouble? someone who would like to play with the rules rather than following them? are you not afraid to explore new territory? challenge yourself? make your own decisions? think on your own? maybe you are not that person but you want to become that person. or maybe you simply just want to change the daily routine of your life.

if this speaks to you then this offer might be exactly what you need.


if you now find yourself longing for guarantees, answers and have a desire to focus on a clear outcome, then this offer might not be right for you.

HOW TO START A MOVEMENT (the training) is a durational mail art project that takes place over the course of 18 days. During this time in each participant will receive 14 envelopes in their physical mailbox. In each envelope you will find instructions, readings, messages, material and traces that you will have to look at, follow or engage with. The training can be completed from your home, designed to fit within the frame of your everyday life, respecting the rules of a 1.5 meter society.

The time you need to commit to it varies each day from 10 minutes to an hour. some days will require you to just look at the material while others will require you to go outside and follow an instruction. there will be no mail on sundays and mondays.

about how to start a movement

HOW TO START A MOVEMENT is a series of interventions and mis- sions in which different individuals get the opportunity to explore, question and disrupt the protocols, dynamics and rules of (semi) public spaces, institutions and venues. The missions consist of instructions you receive and execute together or individually. You can receive these instructions through printed cards, digital channels, verbally and so on. Some of the missions are role playing games with specific roles and instructions, others are workshops, multi-interpretable assignments or instructions you can do on your own whenever you feel the need to raise your voice or respond to the harsh reality. With some you need to be physically present, others you can do from your home using the internet, your telephone or non-electronic mail. By creating different types of missions with different threshold levels it is possible for everybody to join the movement at some point to take back their power, claim their voice, and empower themselves by setting some- thing in motion.

HOW TO START A MOVEMENT began in september 2018 and has welcomed 100 participants since. When joining the movement, participants engage with everyday life in a different way. They explore, in an intimate yet collective way, the dynamics and rules that we produce, follow and maintain on a personal, political and societal level. 

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