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het Traject Pt. 2


Visit the information days of het Traject!

The Trajectory is a social service to equalize Dutch citizens according to a uniform social norm. The Trajectory designed a protocoled improvement program for citizens who aren’t able to live according the general social Dutch norm. The Trajectory teaches them how to fulfill their role as a citizen in the most adequate way.

With The Trajectory Merel raised her second fictional institution to expose the effect of bureaucratic systems on expected human bahavior and the way we interact with each other.

concept, directing, scenography Merel Smitt performers Rozanne de Bont, Tine Cartuyvels, Jurrien van Rheenen graphic design produced by Atelier Oerol/Over Het IJ Festival co-produced by VIA ZUID Talentontwikkeling podiumkunsten Limburg

For this project I collaborated with graphic designers they designed the content and the style of the fictional organization you can view it by clicking on the following links:

4 step program
Bike flyer
Donation card

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