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Better Safe Than Sorry Pt. 2



At Over Het IJ Festival Merel Smitt developed Part II of Better Safe Than Sorry.

In a glass unit a group of eight contestants start together.
Through a headphone a female voice challenges them to find a spot amongst the crowd of a public space.
Through several instructions and exercises the contestants are pushed to observe the strangers around them in a way they have never done before.

In this installation our trust is being tested and it raises the question whether security measurements bring us together or drives us apart.

Better Safe Than Sorry criticizes the way The Netherlands talks about safety. Criminal acts should be addressed quicker, punishments must be tougher and the public space should be more protected. Slowly we are steering towards a culture where preventing forms the new way of security.
How wonderfull would it be if you can act before there are problems?

Concept en directing: Merel Smitt | Performer: Amy van der Weerden | Production Manager: Alyssa Schrauwen | Technical Assistance: Erik van der Bas | Publicity: Josi van der Weel | Dramaturgy: Eva Jansen Manenschijn |  In coproductie with: Karavaan, VIA Zuid en Over Het IJ Festival | Photo: Tomas Mutsaers | With thanks to: Jurrien van Rheenen and Festival Cement | Graphic design:


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